Jazz & Innovation

“Jazz is democracy”.

“Innovation is a tradition of Jazz music”.

Onur Ataman is the first public speaker in Turkey to bring together the art of music and other fields such as business and education.  Instead of using conventional education and learning methods his seminars present a new, modern, creative and exploratory approach to learning.

The participants of the seminars and educational programs set off on a “Jazz and innovation” journey during which Ataman plays the guitar and makes them critically listen to various Jazz pieces. Guiding the audience through different time periods Ataman tells them the stories of those who took risks and what obstacles they had on their way and what impact it all had on their career, businesses and Jazz culture in general. Based on his own self-improvement techniques, Onur Ataman’s educational program inspired by Jazz music and designed for people of any profession or age group is aimed at showing them how to be creative and innovative and how to use it in any desired work field or educational process.

“Jazz and Innovation” educational programs and seminars are given in 4 main formats:

  • Corporate educational programs and seminars
  • Educational programs for educational institutions (schools, universities etc.)
  • Individual educational programs
  • Consulting

Customized programs are available for companies and educational institutions upon request.

Contents and aims

Based on innovation and improvisation being the essential principles of Jazz music and using music and art as the main example the seminars and educational programs are aimed at showing the participants an effortless way to creativity which they can apply on daily basis in their work or studies.

Pioneers of Jazz music and Jazz eras, the importance of innovative approach, planning and time management, how to be unique and the first in your field, how to make innovation become a tradition of your own life – these are the issues Ataman masterly analyses, combines and presents to his listeners in his seminars and educational programs.

Who can participate in corporate seminars and educational programs?

  • Engineers and technical personnel, research and development department employees
  • Employees of financial institutions, banks, real estate, investment and construction companies, etc.
  • Managers and marketing specialists, project finance employees
  • Business owners and office staff
  • Researchers and all those always eager to learn and to look at life from a different perspective
  • All those interested in and keeping up to date with the developments in art and music

Who can participate in the seminars and programs at schools and Universities?

  • Students of all ages
  • Teachers
  • University students and academic staff

Individual educational programs

  • 4-8-12 week workshops


  • Provided to various educational institutions and art schools and related companies’ departments

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