Actually opposed to Erdogan, but how can this be? Where are we

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cheap canada goose sale How do they pull of such an incredible feat? In 2011, researchers discovered that planarian regeneration depends on the activity of stem cells (‘neoblasts’) distributed throughout the flatworm’s body, but important questions about the process have remained unanswered. Planarians certainly excel at it, though; a flatworm can recover from being cut up into a staggering 279 tiny pieces, each of which regenerates into a new worm! Here’s a fun conundrum for those inclined to such things: which worm, if any, can claim to be the ‘original worm’? What if it were only two pieces instead of over 200? Would it make a difference if the two pieces were different sizes?Undeterred by such philosophical considerations, the researchers used custom microarrays to identify genes which are activated when a planarian regenerates. The crucial innovation was a new way of inducing regeneration in a reproducible context in other words, finding an easy way to injure many of the little creatures in the same way cheap canada goose sale.

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