Jep is asked why he never wrote another book after his great

I’m largely sitting there doing nothing, which is amazing, but really boring. After you sit there doing nothing for two hours, you’re like ‘this is awful’.”Doc review is the most boring experience of your life, but strangely nerve wracking because you know you’re messing it up, but you just can’t bring yourself to care that you’re messing it up. And you’re probably going to mess it up even if you did care, so [screw] it, why even bother.

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We all know that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy and

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This, incidentally, means that rhubarb, botanically, is a

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And remember, it’s over three hours

These entries are interpreted by the incoming and outgoing logger functions to determine which ULPP modules should be started. The incoming logger function is performed when a packet arrives from a remote host for a local well known port for which no previous association has been made. The outgoing logger function is initiated when an internal (in other words, local) connection is made to Cisco IOS for S/390 through the VTAM application ID.

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