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Well, while Dit was running around thinking I was looking for him to tag “It”, I could see girls around the corner jumping rope. Double Dutch. While I was approching I could see them rolling their eyes and neck basically telling me to keep walking. I never could jump Double Dutch but I like when girls chased me and I was one of those kids who mess with everyone, especially girls.

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Whenever a woman says, “my boyfriend doesn text me back,” she lowering her own self worth. She putting her emotions on the line for a man who doesn have the decency to even acknowledge her. Nothing stings quite as much as being in love with someone who pretends you don exist. It actually even more emotionally wrenching when that person happens to be your ex boyfriend. You know that he capable of loving you because he did very much at one time. Now your relationship has deteriorated to the point that he doesn even put in the effort to respond. That the very reason why you have to stop for a moment, and clearly think about what you doing before you send another text his way.

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